Booking Conditions

Booking & Payment

Booking more than 42 days in advance: to secure a booking, a deposit of not less than one third of the holiday cost & a completed Booking Form, must be received within 7 days of the reservation. The balance must be paid not less than 42 days before commencement of holiday. No reminder will be sent.
Bookings within 42 days of holiday: the total holiday cost is payable immediately.

If you cancel your holiday:

please telephone us as soon as possible and in any event confirm cancellation in writing/ e-mail. Every effort will be made to re-let the property and if successful any monies paid over and above the deposit (which in any event will be retained) will be refunded, but if the property is not re-let then the whole holiday cost remains due and payable. We strongly recommend that you take out a simple cancellation insurance policy with your own agent.

We reserve the right to cancel or alter the booking arrangements and in any case of cancellation by us then we shall be liable to the hirer to return any holiday payment received but shall have no further liability.


your property is available from 3pm on arrival date. Occupation before this time may be possible by prior arrangement only.


the property must be vacated by 10am on date of departure. Late departure may be possible by prior arrangement only.


we aim to provide a relaxed holiday and we make as few rules as possible. Those that exist are for the benefit of all guests. Signing the Booking Form means you understand and have agreed to abide by the conditions and rules.

Swimming Pool:

We do not accept liability for any damage, expense, injury, death or loss of any nature arising from the use of the swimming pool by any person other than in the case of proven negligence by ourselves.
The hirer and members of his party are entitled to use the swimming pool and the owners may in their absolute discretion and subject to such conditions and fees as may be determined, permit a visitor of a hirer to use the swimming pool. It is a precondition of the use of the pool that any person using, signs an agreement to abide by the rules displayed in the pool area and that the use of the swimming pool is entirely at the risk of the user.


no responsibility can be accepted for any accident or injury sustained during, or as a result of, the use of the sauna. Extreme care should be taken at all times. Anyone with a suspected heart condition should not use the sauna. Please read the “Sauna Guidance” displayed on the sauna door.
Playpark: use of the playpark is entirely at the risk of the user and we do not accept liability for any damage, expense, injury, death or loss of any nature arising from the use of the playpark by any person other than in the case of proven negligence by ourselves

Barbecue area:

Please be aware that the barbecues may be hot and we cannot accept any liability for any damage or injury arising from the use of this area by any person other than in the case of proven negligence by ourselves.

We reserve the right to require any cottage occupants to leave immediately, without refund, if their conduct is considered by us to infringe our rules and to recover any compensation we pay to other guests as a result of their conduct.

The occupiers of the property must not do anything which might cause offence to other holiday makers or spoil the enjoyment of their holiday.

The hirer is responsible for the cost of all breakages, damage to any furnishings or to the property or any exceptional cleaning. Any damage or breakages must be reported immediately and the cost paid prior to departure.

We are not liable to the hirer or any member of the hirer’s party or visitor for the loss of or damage to any of their possessions or belongings (including vehicle), nor are we liable or responsible for any act of negligence or damage or personal injury caused to the hirer or members of the hirer’s party or visitors unless arising from our own actions.

The number of occupants in the property must not exceed the number stated on the Booking Form unless prior approval is obtained from the owners.

We reserve the right to enter the property at any time in case of emergency or for the purpose of maintenance or repair to the property or the adjoining property.


are only permitted by prior arrangement (Elbeck/ Guildersbank/ Skirfare only.) There is a £10 charge per pet. Please see “Pet Rules.”


please be aware that a small stream runs through an adjoining field to the properties at Stonelands Farmyard Cottages.

Supervision of children, babies and any adult requiring care remains the responsibility of the parent, guardian, accompanying adult at all times.


all properties are designated “non-smoking.” Smokers are respectfully requested to smoke out of doors.

Completion & return of the Booking Query Form will constitute that the client has read, understood and will abide by the conditions, as set out above.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Booking Conditions.

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We are located on the outskirts of the friendly hamlet of Litton, ideally situated in the beautiful and unspoilt countryside of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

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